Edinburgh has secret Wild West ‘ghost town street’ that’s lying completely abandoned

Images show a Wild West “ghost town” in a major UK city that has been lying completely abandoned for decades.

The street in Edinburgh was built for an advertising feature for a furniture shop known as “The Great American Indoors” in 1995 to 1996.

Scenic artists said to have worked for Disney worked on the alleyway off Springvalley Gardens, Morningside.

Strolling down the street visitors can expect to see the saloon, jail and stables, allowing visitors to become totally immersed in the Wild West vibe, reports EdinburghLive.

The street’s western facades include a trading station and a cantina – which is actually the fire door for Morningside Library.

A wooden sign which says “jail” is next to a blacksmiths’ advertising grains and livery for horses.

However, after the furniture store went out of business, the street emptied, giving it the creepy appearance of a ghost town.

But, despite one blogger speculating in 2005 that the Wild West street was poised for redevelopment and might soon be demolished, it is still standing today.

A neighbouring publican said: “I’ve known about it for many, many years.

“Nobody really comes in asking for it.”

Despite reviews on Tripadvisor, the street has not become a tourist attraction.

One Tripadvisor review said: “An oddity this, but worth a stop by if you’re in Morningside.

“Someone in a review here said “it’s just some wood nailed to a wall “, but it’s far more than that.

“It was made in the 1990s as publicity for the opening of a store selling American things.

“But a great deal of time (and doubtless money) was spent on it including a couple of professional film scene artists. Think of it as a kind of folly.”

Another added: “I love this place. A really strange Edinburgh find which is anachronistic and charming in a unique way.

“I recommend bringing water pistols for an wild west dual.”

Another review said: “Expected some unique bars/restaurants when I first heard about the place, it’s literally a garage with wood stuck on the walls.”